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Pedestrian accidents don’t usually make the news like auto accidents, but they are a regular occurrence and are responsible for thousands of injuries and fatalities annually. No one is immune to human error, but many pedestrian accidents are caused due to carelessness and recklessness of another person. Pedestrians have the same rights as motorists and it’s essential that you have a top-notch attorney to help recover damages if you or a loved one have been injured or killed in a pedestrian accident.

Our team can help if you or a loved one have been:

  • Struck in a crosswalk or parking lot
  • Hit while exiting a vehicle
  • Sideswiped by a motor vehicle
  • Injured or killed by a careless motorist

How Olympia Pedestrian Accident Lawyers Can Help

It’s essential to hire a lawyer as soon after the accident as possible. Waiting too long can cause evidence to be lost, damaged or destroyed and insurance companies will refuse payment for which you are eligible. Additionally there may be statue of limitation laws in place which would prevent you from taking legal action if you wait too long. Even if you feel that your injuries were minor–just a scrape or a bruise–you should consult with a lawyer. Choosing an attorney who is familiar with pedestrian law is key; they will know all the nuances of the law and have prior experience fighting such cases, which will aid them getting your case taken care of quickly and efficiently.

If you choose not to hire an attorney to help you, there’s a high chance that the insurance companies will take advantage of you since you’re unrepresented and aren’t familiar with all the details of the law. Often times unrepresented parties are giving settlements that are many times smaller than what a lawyer could help you get. Choosing to fight your case alone, for the sake of saving money, is not a good choice considering you may have ongoing bills due to injuries sustained in the accident. A lawyer who practices pedestrian law will ensure that your settlement accounts for past, current and future medical bills so that you don’t’ suffer financially as well. Lawyers can also help you recover damages for lost wages, loss of life and final expenses.

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For over 30 years, Ron Meyers & Associates PLLC has been serving Western Washington residents and earning the reputation of a compassionate, yet tough, law firm that fights for your rights every step of the way. They’ve helped hundreds of clients obtain successful outcomes and won millions of dollars in compensation for their clients. Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your pedestrian accident and learn more about how we can help you.

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