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We understand that dealing with personal injuries can be overwhelming and challenging. At Ron Meyers and Associates, our dedicated team is here to provide you with a wealth of resources and expert guidance tailored to assist you in the aftermath of a personal injury.

With a strong commitment to serving our community in Olympia, Washington, we’ve compiled a thorough collection of resources specifically designed to help those who have suffered personal injuries. Whether you’ve experienced physical harm, emotional distress, or financial setbacks, our team is here to support you on your path to recovery.

Our curated personal injury resources encompass critical information on legal options, healthcare providers, rehabilitation services, support groups, and more. These resources are thoughtfully selected to ensure that you have access to the precise information and assistance needed to navigate your personal injury journey.

At Ron Meyers and Associates, we firmly believe in empowering individuals with knowledge so that they can make informed decisions and secure the best possible outcomes for their personal injury cases. Allow us to be your advocate and ally, offering care, expertise, and unwavering dedication every step of the way.

Explore our comprehensive personal injury resources, and let us guide you toward the support and solutions you need to recover and rebuild after a personal injury. Your well-being and justice are our top priorities.

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Injury Resources

Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance Coverage or Underinsured Motorist (UIM) Coverage Resources:

  • Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner: The state regulatory agency that oversees insurance companies operating in Washington. They can provide information and guidance on PIP and UIM coverage. Phone: 1-800-562-6900. Website:
  • Washington State Bar Association: The professional association for attorneys in Washington State. They can help you find a lawyer specializing in personal injury or insurance law who can assist with PIP and UIM coverage issues. Phone: 206-443-9722. Website:
  • Washington Law Help: A website that offers free legal information, resources, and referrals. It provides guidance on various legal topics, including insurance law and personal injury. Website:
  • Thurston County Bar Association: The local bar association serving Thurston County, including Olympia. They can provide referrals to lawyers specializing in personal injury and insurance law. Phone: 360-754-2933. Website:
  • Washington Health Insurance Exchange: If you have questions about health insurance coverage and how it relates to PIP, the Washington Health Insurance Exchange can provide information and assistance. Phone: 1-855-923-4633. Website:
  • Traffic Collision Report Request (Olympia Police Department): If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident and need access to the traffic collision report, you can contact the Olympia Police Department to request a copy. Phone: 360-753-8300. Website:
  • Washington State Department of Licensing: The agency responsible for driver’s licensing and vehicle registration in Washington. They can provide information on insurance requirements and regulations. Phone: 360-902-3900. Website:
  • WashingtonLawHelp: Provides free legal assistance to low-income individuals. They may be able to help with insurance coverage issues if you meet their income guidelines. Phone: 1-888-201-1014. Website:
  • Washington State Association for Justice: An organization of attorneys dedicated to protecting the rights of injured individuals. They can provide referrals to personal injury lawyers who specialize in insurance coverage matters. Phone: 206-464-1011. Website:
  • Washington State Patrol: If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident and need access to the accident report, you can contact the Washington State Patrol. Phone: 360-596-4000. Website:
Catastrophic Injury

Resources for Those Looking to File an Insurance Complaint, Consumer Complaint, or Other Concerns:

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