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There are numerous reasons why people ride bicycles – recreation, exercise, fun, environmental responsibility. The benefits to the rider and to the surrounding community are substantial. This is why it is so upsetting when people fail to respect bicyclists, putting them in unnecessary harm and causing injuries and sometimes fatalities. Our firm is committed to protecting bicyclists. We believe you should be able to ride safely, and when you are hurt through another’s negligence, we believe you deserve compensation. Contact our firm now to find out how we can help you get the money you deserve from your accident.

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Recent research indicates that insurance companies tend to pay out less money to cyclists for injuries. If you were in a vehicle collision, or even a pedestrian collision, studies indicate that insurance companies would pay you more for the same type of injury. This is a disturbing trend that should not continue.

Our firm understands how vulnerable you are on your bicycle. You can be obeying all of the rules and doing everything exactly as you should be, yet one careless driver is all it takes to causing lasting or permanent damage. Apart from your helmet, there is nothing to protect you from the surrounding environment or the vehicle responsible for your accident.

When a car or truck causes your accident, you have a right to compensation. The low pay outs and general disregard the insurance company has for bicyclists are unacceptable. Our firm will make sure that the court hears your voice and the insurance company takes notice of your rights. It may take a legal battle – but that is something we are prepared to engage in.

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The statistics concerning bicycle accidents are disturbing to consider. Every six hours, a bicyclist will be fatally injured. The majority of those fatal injuries will occur because of a collision with a car or truck. Bicyclists face serious risks that need to be mitigated as much as possible.

It will take far more education and awareness to improve on these statistics, but it can be done. Equally important, we need to hold people responsible when they cause these injuries. Perhaps if there is a greater cost to negligence behind the wheel, there will be more motivation to be careful.

If you have been hurt while riding because of another’s carelessness, you need to consider your legal options. We can help you make sure that the person responsible is held accountable, and help ensure that your medical bills, lost work and suffering are addressed. Please contact our firm now to discuss your case. The sooner we move forward, the sooner you can move on with your life.

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