Work Related Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Suffering a workplace injury or occupational condition may leave you wondering how you’re going to afford and pay your bills on time if you have to miss work. One work-related injury that may cause workers to seek medical care and miss work is carpal tunnel syndrome. If you’ve developed carpal tunnel syndrome due to work-related tasks, you may be able to file a claim for workers’ compensation.

What is carpal tunnel syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome is the compression of a nerve located within the carpal tunnel or the small tunnel of bones and ligaments located at the base of the hand. When compression of the nerve occurs, sharp, debilitating pain can result. As the tendons around the carpal tunnel swell, pressure on the nerve increases. Over time, carpal tunnel syndrome can worsen, resulting in more intense levels of pain and the inability to use the hand properly.

Causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome is not limited to a single industry. Workers that use their hands often, or as their primary means of accomplishing work tasks, are more at risk of developing the condition. Some jobs that may be associated with an increased risk of carpal tunnel include seamstresses/tailors, assembly-line workers, mechanics, construction workers, agriculture workers, painters, gardeners and more. Even office workers may develop the condition, especially if they do a lot of computer inputting or typing.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is associated with certain motions and actions. For example, jobs that require repetitive hand motions, awkward or unnatural hand positions, strong gripping, or holding place mechanical stress on the palm of the hand or cause the hand/wrist to vibrate excessively may put workers at risk of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Is carpal tunnel covered under workers’ compensation?

When workers sustain injuries or develop condition due to a workplace accidents or tasks, they may be entitled to recover workers’ compensation under Washington law. Often, carpal tunnel syndrome requires corrective surgery, forcing a worker to miss work for several days or weeks. Carpal tunnel syndrome, if work-related, is an occupational condition covered by workers’ compensation law. However, proving that the carpal tunnel resulted from the job, and not from other risk factors, can be difficult.

A worker can file a workers’ compensation claim online, by phone or directly through a self-insured employer. If the claim for benefits is approved, benefits may be awarded in the form of medical benefits, wage replacement, prescription medications, occupational retraining, travel reimbursement and more. Claims filed with incorrect information, incompletely or outside of the required statute of limitations may be denied.

Seek the Help of a Workers’ Compensation Attorney Immediately

For those who have developed carpal tunnel syndrome as a result of work-related tasks, filing a claim for workers’ compensation is your best option for recovering benefits like those mentioned above. If you need help gathering medical evidence, proving that your job was the direct cause of carpal tunnel syndrome or fighting back if your claim for benefits has been denied, call a workers’ compensation attorney from our firm to get legal help.

At Ron Meyers & Associates PLLC, our attorneys understand how frustrating it can be not knowing what to do or where to turn after suffering a workplace injury or developing a work-related condition. For assistance filing your claim and getting the benefits to which you’re entitled, get in touch with us today. To get started, call us at 844-920-2324.

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