When My Loved One is in a Nursing Home

Placing your elderly loved in a nursing home can be a challenging thing to do, and the transition can be hard for both of you. And, unless he tells you, even knowing when he is ready for a nursing home can be equally as difficult. If you have an elderly loved one in your life you think may need extra support and services, here are some signs that he may be ready for a nursing home.

Memory Loss

One the most telling signs that an elderly person is in need of around-the-clock professional services is a decline in memory. If your elderly loved is having difficulty recalling basic, day-to-day information, is struggling with confusion or shows any other signs of memory loss, it may be time for a nursing home. As adults age, a strong memory is key to their vitality, especially if they need to take medications on a daily basis.

One way you can spot memory loss is watching for signs of cognitive decline. These may include a strong body odor (indicating he is not caring for his hygiene), lost documents, forgetfulness, unopened mail, dirty or messy living area, missing appointments, and are making late or no payments on bills.

Physical Decline 

Another sign your loved one may be ready for a nursing home is a serious decline in physical abilities. If your loved one is struggling with basic physical tasks, such as walking, or is suffering from a disease or condition that requires constant monitoring, then a nursing home may be the best option. Physical decline can vary in severity and may be extreme enough to require constant care. Some have trouble walking, others trouble bathing, and others have trouble cooking and performing other normal tasks.

Challenges with Mental Health 

Physical decline and memory loss are usually the two biggest indicators and causes of challenges with everyday living. However, sometimes, an elderly person may struggle with everyday living for other reasons too, such as loneliness or depression. Signs of depression might include isolation, lack of interest in things that once interested him, sadness, and more. In such cases, patients might benefit from the medical services and social aspect of living in a nursing home.

Services Provided by a Nursing Home

If you have concerns about an elderly person’s memory, physical decline, or mental health, a nursing home can provide you with a safe and good option. Below is a brief list of services that nursing homes usually provide.

  • Room and board
  • Meals
  • 24-hour nursing care
  • Diagnostic services
  • Activities and social events
  • Assistance with daily living
  • Other medical services – physical therapy, pharmacy services, etc.

Having someone who can monitor your elderly loved one around-the-clock, provide him or her with important medical services, arrange social activities, and provide companionship can be valuable.

Nursing Home Locations

You or your loved one might want to live nearby each other, or you may be interested in choosing a location that matches their interests. The elder population in Centralia and Hoquiam is much larger than other cities nearby, which means there will be more facilities to choose from. Aberdeen, Yelm, and Chehalis all sport a variety of natural wonders that can help your loved one feel comfortable.

Keep an Eye Out for Signs of Abuse and Neglect

When searching for a nursing home in Washington State, make sure you do plenty of research first. Some nursing homes have been found to engage in abuse or neglect of the patients in their care. Look for reviews or other means of evaluating a nursing home’s performance and trustworthiness.

And, even though, most nursing homes are responsible facilities, once your loved one enters the nursing home, keep an eye out for certain signs of abuse or neglect. If you suspect your loved one is suffering from abuse or neglect in a nursing home, speak with an attorney who can help you investigate the allegation and file a case for damages.

At Ron Meyers & Associates PLLC, can provide you with the legal support you need. If you have questions about nursing home abuse and neglect and your right to take legal action, call our offices today for a free case consultation at 360-459-5600.

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