Vehicle Accidents

A vehicle accident can change your life in the blink of an eye. Whether it’s due to extensive physical damages to your vehicle that you can’t afford or physical harm to your body that leaves you incapacitated or permanently disabled, car accidents can be devastating. For legal help following a vehicle accident, contact an attorney at Ron Meyers & Associates to start pursuing the compensation you need.

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Common Types of Vehicle Accidents

Vehicle accidents do not always involve cars, small trucks and SUVs. Instead, in addition to standard passenger vehicles, a vehicle accident can include any vehicles on the list below.

An accident involving any of the vehicles above can cause serious injuries and significant physical property damage.

Common Causes of Vehicle Accidents

A 2008 Crash Causation Survey Report to Congress from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), revealed that preventable driver errors are the most common causes of vehicle accidents in the United States. NHTSA classified these errors as recognition errors (inadequate surveillance, internal/external distractions, etc.), decision errors (driving too fast for conditions, making illegal maneuvers, driving aggressively, following too closely, etc.), performance errors (overcompensation, poor direction control, panic, etc.), non-performance errors (falling asleep, experiencing a health problem) and other unknown driver errors.

In some cases, the cause of the accident has nothing to do with driver error, but is instead caused by a vehicle error. A brake, engine, steering or tire failure, for example, are all types of vehicle failures that might cause traumatic accidents. Other cases might involve other causes, so be sure to get legal help after a serious vehicle accident so you can thoroughly investigate the cause – this will be important to prove liability.

Determining Liability for Your Vehicle Accident

As stated above, the majority of motor vehicle accidents are preventable and caused by driver errors. For example, speeding, operating a boat while intoxicated, driving while fatigued or distracted, or driving aggressively are avoidable errors that can lead to accidents that would not have happened but for the error.

When another driver or vehicle operator (captain, pilot, etc.) acts in a negligent and irresponsible manner – such as by engaging in any of the avoidable driver errors listed – and that irresponsible action causes an accident, the vehicle operator is responsible for any resultant damages. You must prove that the driver’s actions caused your accident and that the accident was the direct cause of your injuries.

If liable, the negligent vehicle operator will be responsible for paying damages in the form of medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages. In order to hold a driver liable for you injuries and expenses, you will have to file a liability insurance claim or a civil lawsuit. If a defective vehicle caused the accident, rather than a driver error, then the manufacturer or distributor of that defective vehicle part might be liable in a civil lawsuit.

In Washington, the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury suit for damages is three years from the time of the accident, according to Washington Revised Code section 4.16.080.

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