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Being a firefighter is a dangerous job. Firefighters are devoted to the people they serve, oftentimes risking their own lives to save another. When a firefighter is injured or killed on the job, their families can suffer tremendous financial hardship and loss. Losing a loved one is extremely difficult on anyone, but as a fireman’s family, the knowledge that they could be injured or killed as a part of their day to day job is always present. That knowledge also comes with a sense of pride that their loved one has dedicated themselves to caring for others just as they care for their family. Firefighters carry a passion to serve others as well as protect those they love.

Helping Injured Firefighters & their Families Video

Ron Meyers & Associates PLLC are dedicated to serving Western Washington firemen and their families when it comes to compensation for injuries received while on the job. As a firefighter, all injuries they receive may not be related to an emergency call. Unsafe conditions that result from an improper training technique or traffic accidents that occur while on fire company time are all considered personal injury and must be compensated.

During the commission of their duties, firefighters are often exposed to chemicals, contaminants and irritants that can result in several different health issues. In some cases, the health problems are immediate, while in others it can take months or years to develop. Firemen have the option of filing a RCW 51.32.185 claim to help them cover their medical and financial expenses associated with this type of injury. This also pertains to heart problems and lung problems that are associated with the stress and day to day activities performed while on the job.

Serving Firefighters in Their Time of Need

Ron Meyers and his professional team of associates are available to serve firefighters and their families in their time of need. They are able to adequately and sufficiently pursue any personal injury case filed by a fireman or their family member after a debilitating injury or loss of life. Our team is here to serve you. We can offer sound legal advice as well as help you get through an incredibly difficult time.

We are able to file claims that involve, not only personal injury, but other types of compensatory issues as well. Presumptive occupational diseases, injuries received during the commission of their duties and wrongful death are all within our practice area. We have the experience and the knowledge to actively pursue your case and get you and your family the compensation you deserve. For as much as you serve the community, we are here to serve you. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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